IBM has a total of 206,272 granted patents and 174,112 patent applications distributed into 132,445 patent families. Based on the countries of patent applications, the key markets for IBM are USA, Japan and Germany. The main technology areas are electric digital data processing, semiconductor devices; electric solid state devices and transmission of digital information.
272,313 Total Patents

206,272 Grants

174,112 Applications

IBM has a grant to application ratio of 1.185, which is approximately 1 patent granted for every 0.844 patent applications.

Geographic Breakdown

By showing the geographic breakdown of the company‘s patent portfolio, it is possible to determine the territorial markets that the company is focusing on.

TOP 3 Countries

  • USA

    USA is the top country/region for patent coverage with a total of 137,074 patents.

  • Japan

    Japan comes in 2nd with a total of 25,090 patents.

  • Germany

    Germany rounds up the top 3 with a total of 16,900 patents.

Key Technologies

Through grouping the company's patents into their various technology areas, it is possible to identify the core competence of the company.

Valuable Patents

The ranking below shows some of the most valuable and core patents in this company's portfolio.

Rank Patent Title
1 JP3790744B2 大量並列システムの物理位置を介するイーサネット(商標)·アドレッシング
2 US6226618 Electronic content delivery system
3 US8709264 Planar cavity MEMS and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures
4 US7284100 Invalidating storage, clearing buffer entries, and an instruction therefor
5 US7356710 Security message authentication control instruction

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